Montessori Learning Materials For Practical Life

The area of Practical life is the beginning of life in the Montessori Classroom. The activities are made up of Montessori learning materials that are familiar to a child from his home environment. For this reason he may immediately relate to the things that he sees. She may see these objects as the means to become more like the adults in her home.

Nurturing independence is at the core of the Practical Life curriculum. Children who are struggling to accomplish a task are given the time and space to do it themselves. If they need help, they are given only the assistance they need to complete the task on their own. For example, if a child cannot open a container, the teacher opens it just enough so that the child can complete the task on her own.

Montessori Learning Materials For Care Of Self

Washing, hands, face, teeth

The child derives great pleasure from taking care of her own needs like washing her hands

Control of Movement

Pouring, spooning, tonging, use of a screwdriver and other tools help the child to learn to control his hands and eyes. Walking on the line, the silence game, carrying objects, balancing, catching etc are practiced daily.

Cleaning of personal items (clothing, shoes)

Brushing hair, blowing nose, sewing, buttons repairs, art (needle point, embroidery, weaving, and crochet

Montessori Learning Materials For Everyday Tasks
Montessori Learning Materials For Grace And Courtesy

Wooden Frames For Skill Building

These frames were developed to assist the child in the skills of buttoning, zipping, snapping, and tying bows to that they can become independent in dressing and undressing themselves. Braiding is a more advanced activity that the child can undertake

Social Relations, Grace and Courtesy

Grace in movement, carrying things, placing materials back on the shelves is modeled by the adults in the classroom and encouraged always by gentle reminders and demonstrations.

Manners are stressed at all times. Table etiquette, bathroom procedure, how to interrupt, cough & sneeze into your elbow, are part of the daily routine. Making and serving snack is also part of the daily routine.

Montessori Learning Materials For Care Of The Environment

As the child begins to see order in her environment she begins to develop an awareness of the things around her. At that time the child is given responsibilities within his school room and outside environment. These activties continue the child’s development of a sense of order, pride and community awareness. These exercises are the same all over the world yet distinctive in the implementation and tools used.

Montessori students get to enjoy learning through daily activities such as, sweeping, dusting, plant care, flower arranging, washing dishes, and outdoor activities.

Montessori Learning Materials For Helping Children