When your child shows an interest in writing numbers and words

In Montessori we guide the child to write through the use of the sandpaper letters. When they are ready, we teach proper letter formation (lowercase cursive) by tracing the sandpaper letters.

If your child is writing at home, it will help if you encourage this also as it will support her here once she is recording her work more formally. This is a natural extension of her work in the classroom.

Reversals are quite normal in the beginning and usually correct themselves over time with practice.  We teach cursive first because it is easier for a child to draw a curved line and it helps the child to avoid the reversals naturally.

The pre-reading materials (puzzles, matching, visual perception cards…) and the Sensorial materials are designed to train the body to recognize similarities/differences which help when a child begins their work with letters.

Video Presentation: Montessori Techniques for Writing Numbers and Words

Below is a lovely video presentation from another Montessori school.