What Matters in Montessori Education?

The Montessori Method is a building cycle. An important aspect of the method is completion of that cycle.

In the first year the child gets accustomed to the materials, the flow of the day and begins the foundation which continues through the 3 to 4 year period that he steeped in the learning of the materials in the same classroom with many of the same friends.

The preparation of the environment and the guidance to independence of each child are the basics for learning and independence. In the second year didactic learning continues and in the third/forth year abstraction begins.

The teacher is a guide to help the children toward self confidence and independence. The child's emotional intelligence, if we have done our job properly, allows her to believe in herself and her abilities, the guide is but a instrument to reach this goal.

Montessori education

Child-Centered Classrooms: The Montessori Approach

Montessori classrooms should be child centered with the older children leading the way. The respected and loved teacher stands back and allows the growth to happen. At that point one of the elders of the class could, conceivably, become the teacher with the adult there to step in as necessary.

If a child misses the leadership year he cannot be considered a Montessori child any more than a college student that does not finish her final year can say she is a college graduate or a medical student that does not complete the final year in medical school can practice medicine.

It is highly recommended that every child finish the final year to go on and become life-long learners and peaceful, confident leaders and just maybe making this world a better place for us all.

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