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From the Executive Director…

44 years ago MCDC was founded to offer the beautiful Montessori program to the families of Poway. I have enjoyed being directly involved with the day to day with the children and parents. Now it is Maureen’s turn to experience that joy. Though it is difficult I have had to turn over that aspect of MCDC. I am so grateful that Maureen has been doing such a marvelous job, I have every confidence that you will all continue to enjoy watching you children thrive at MCDC.

Due to COVID and cancer treatment I had to step back from on site participation. I am in daily contact with Maureen and the staff and will continue behind the scenes jobs that keep the school running.


What are parents saying about us?

The Kindergarten year [at MCDC] has really see my twins flourish and grow as individuals. The responsibilities of teaching others, organizing events and being the guiding lights held up as example to the younger children has definitely matured and benefitted them. The growth in their self-confidence has been quite considerable… If you are wondering if Kindergarten year at MCDC is worth it, ABSOLUTELY!  – Beth P

Welcome back to all our returning families and to our new families we are so happy you have joined our MCDC family. The office is very busy this time of year. You can help by turning in all of your forms and updating immunizations as we have October deadlines to get them in to licensing. Please call if you have any questions.

If you need any forms click here.


Maureen\'s Message

Each month both classes explore themes and cultural celebrations. We coordinate these so that all the children can share and learn together. The children are always excited about apple season so we will be tasting & learning that there are different types of apples and that they are used in cultural celebrations. We will also be discussing nutrition as we identify different food groups in our lunches. If any parent would like to share his or her job as a community helper please let us know. The children love to see their parents participate at school. I am excited to welcome Nicolas and Chloe who joined our class this summer and Harper, Disha, Oliver, Maxine and Joelle who started this fall. I am looking forward to a fabulous year as we get back to a more normal Montessori routine.

Our MCDC Daily Schedule (click).


Vanit\'s Message


Krystal’s Message…

This month in the downstairs class we will be learning about nutrition, community helpers, and apples. As part of the nutrition studies we will be looking at what is a balanced meal (grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein) for more click here. Your children will be exploring who are our helpers in the community. How do they make a difference in our lives such as fire fighters, police officers, construction workers, trash collectors, teachers, nurses, mail carriers, doctors, and scientist. It is apple season, and we will be studying and tasting the different types of apples, parts of an apples, and life cycle of an apple tree. Our cultural presentation this month is Rash Hashanah on September 26th. We will offer apples and honey to the children and explain the holiday to them. I would like to welcome our new student Saanvi who started in the summer and Kylie, Levi, Aubrey and Benjamin who joined us this fall. Each of our new children have a buddy to guide and help include them in their first days in our classroom community.


We are so happy to welcome back Pooja Khimsara…

As a support teacher to Ms. Vanit. She is received her Montessori training in San Diego. Pooja and her husband have 2 children, their son who graduated from MCDC and their daughter is a current MCDC student.

What is “Grace and Courtesy?


There are many lessons in the Montessori classroom but the lessons in manners are a priority of the smooth learning that takes place.One of the first lessons is movement. How do the children and teachers move so as not to disturb others? When watching a Montessori classroom during the work period it often resembles a ballet. Children and adults move about carefully and purposefully as the select activities, sit for a group lesson or socialize with friends as they go about the learning process. This is GRACE.  See more here…


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