Montessori Child Development Center is a Three Year Kindergarten

Kindergarten literally translated means “Children’s Garden”.

It is a place where children will grow and flourish in their beginning education.

MCDC’s Primary program for three, four, and five year olds is a three to four year kindergarten depending on a child’s birthday.

There is no pre-schooling. Kindergarten foundations for learning begin immediately.

The Montessori Experience: First Year

In order for your child to truly gain all the benefits from the Montessori experience, it is necessary that he or she stay in the same Children's House classroom until graduating to 1st grade. The initial year is the year of “This is…” showing him all there is to learn, explore, discover, and practice.

During the first year, the teacher will invite the first year child to a considerable number of one-on-one lessons in the different areas of the classroom, all delivered with copious amounts of encouragement, repetition, and precision.

The Second Year: Growing Independence

During your child's second year of Montessori education, we will encourage her to explore the environment much more independently. This is the “Show me…” year. Your child begins to develop more confidence than the first year and is usually able to concentrate on activities for longer periods of time and select her activities with intention.

The Crucial Third Year

Then, during the last and most important year, the “What is…?” year, all of the previous experiences are synthesized. This final year is the most crucial one for the Montessori student because it allows him to bring together all that he has been working toward in the preceding years. In this year your child internalizes and really understands much of the knowledge he has been absorbing in the two previous years by mentoring and teaching it to the younger children.

This is the year he experiences an increased sense of self-confidence. Empathy and compassion are developing. She becomes a class leader, teaching and giving lessons to younger children in the class and is the example for the younger classmates to follow. It is at this time that she really understands and integrates the concepts she has been learning.

Your child is now beginning to experience the world of abstractions. The world of Geography, Mathematics, Reading and Language, and even the lessons of Practical Life reach a new and more independent level in the last year in a Children’s House classroom.

Preparing for the Next Journey

By the end of the final Kindergarten year, your child is ready to move on to the next level of development, that of the Reasoning Mind; The Age of Imagination.

As we've seen, the Montessori Child Development Center offers a unique and enriching educational experience that can set the foundation for your child's lifelong learning journey. If you've ever considered a Montessori education, there couldn't be a better time to explore what MCDC Poway has to offer.

Our approach at MCDC Poway fosters a collaborative, kind, and autonomous learning environment, one that could very well be the ideal fit for your child's educational needs and aspirations. Situated conveniently for families in Poway and the wider San Diego area, our dedicated team is enthusiastic and ready to support you every step of the way.

We understand the importance of making informed educational choices for your child's future. That's why we invite you to connect with us, to learn more, and to see firsthand how our Montessori program can benefit your child. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at (858) 748-1727 or via email at Let’s embark on this exciting educational journey together, ensuring the brightest possible future for your child.