MCDC Messages Sept. 18, 2015

We have had another wonderful week at MCDC and LHM. All the children are settling in and are very busy working on all the different activities lovingly prepared by the teachers. Every time I walk through the classrooms I see busy happy little faces.


Every day Racheal and the children are preparing nutritious and attractive snacks. Sometimes they use produce from our garden. If you would like the sign up to prepare and donate a snack we will be starting that in October, on Wednesdays. The snack should serve about 45 children 25 upstairs and 20 downstairs. Guidelines: represent 2 food groups (protein, dairy, fruit, grains), small portions, on a self contained tray, we provide plates and utensils. Please no sugar or meat. We do have children with peanut and tree nut allergies. Children with special diet needs already bring their own snacks in case they cannot have what we are serving so not to worry.

LHM is humming along with a full house. The little ones are so cute. They are learning to take out activities and put them away when finished, use the potty, wash hands, get out their lunch and many other independent activities. People are amazed to see what the little ones are capable of at such an early age. Check out by clicking here video.
Last week I mentioned that Racheal and the children would love some help in the gardens in the afternoon. You can email her to set up a time and day Please note how Racheal spells her name, it is spelled so many ways.

Emailing Katie: If you have a message that is time sensitive please email Katie before 1 p.m. After that we get very busy and might not pick up emails until the next morning. If it is urgent please call the office. Reminder: please put all messages in writing or email. Our focus is on the children and it is difficult to remember verbal messages.

Parenting is a BIG job. Here are some interesting insights from an article, 11 Ways Your Child Loses When You Rush Him Through Life:
“Why do you want your child to hurry up? Because you\'re done and figure he’s had long enough to finish? Because you have something else to do? If so, can that wait so that you can give your child the time he needs? Because you\'ve promised to be somewhere? … If you are constantly rushing from one place to the next (doctor’s appointment, haircut, playgroup, music lessons) have you taken on too much? Should you plan more downtime in your schedule so you have more time to be patient? More time for play and cuddles?” read more

Comment from a Kindergartener\'s Mom. My child gets up early and can\'t wait to get to school. She maintains that excitement all the way to school. I am so happy that we decided to give her this amazing year at MCDC. To read more about the benefits of Montessori click here.

Hot Lunch Fridays catered by MCDC parents for MCDC kids. If you cannot come in to serve the lunch but would like to donate a lunch, pizza is the way to go and is easy for the staff when there are no helpers. Just drop off 5 cheese pizzas and a bag of baby carrots between 11 and 11:30 Friday and we will do the rest. Of course if you want to cook and/or you want to serve you child would love to have you here. Whatever you decide to do please check with Katie and she will let you know what days are available and sign you up. Reserve a lunch for your child by bringing your payment no later than Wednesday so we can get a head count for that week. If you pay for a full month we will keep track of how many credits your child has and let you know when your credits run out.

Back to School night September 24th, 6:30-8. Come, bring a dessert to share and mingle with other parents and teachers. The staff have been planning a fun and informative presentation for you.

Thanks the Jeanie Barat for taking over the lead for our Specialty Produce program. Remember to make your order before Sunday evening to get your box by the next Thursday. Here is the sign up page and our group code is mcdc. Don\'t miss out.