Helping Children to Manage Coats and Sweaters

We are finally enjoying some true Fall weather!  I'm sure you are aware that as the weather changes, it is quite cool (even cold!) in the morning and afternoon.  This presents the opportunity and necessity to practice what will become a frequent/daily activity — the dressing and undressing in winter clothing.

The Deeper Significance of Helping Children to Manage Coats and Sweaters

We consider this to be a natural and valuable extension of the Practical Life area of our classrooms, sometimes called “Daily Living”.  The aim of this exercise, dressing, is certainly practical.  What is not considered also is the importance of these activities in the child’s creating of his inner self. 

Dressing, undressing and caring for one’s possessions fosters the development of coordination, concentration, order, independence and self-esteem. Giving your child the extra time it takes to do this for himself, will help him to develop a sense of competence in caring for himself.

Practice Makes Proficient

This does take a bit longer as the child is practicing the skills necessary such as zipping and buttoning.  Please have your child practice at home and be sure to allow extra time both at home and school for your child to dress and undress by himself.  Show him how, give little lessons, help only when needed.  Show your child how to place everything on a hanger.  By the end of the season those extra few minutes will no longer be needed as your child will have become proficient.

Remember to clearly label all clothing items!

Thank you for the ongoing support of your child!  Want more daily practical Montessori tips?  Check these out.

Submitted by Carolyn Harvey, head teacher