Guidelines for Wednesday Snack Donation

Dear Parent Snack Volunteer,

Thank you so much for volunteering to donate the Wednesday snack! This is a great help to the teachers so that they have time free to do other classroom preparations for your children.

Below are guidelines for the snack:

1. Licensing requires that our snack is from 2 food groups. The groups to choose from are: protein, fruits/vegetables, grains and/or dairy. Please no sugary items.

2. In order for this to be a help to the teachers please have the snack prepared (veggies or fruit cut up, cheese cut, etc. so that we can simply put it on a tray and serve to the children. There should be 50 portions. If you want to split it up for each classroom there are 30 upstairs and 20 downstairs. If you are so inclined and would like to prepare the snack on a tray please divide it up for each class (one 30 and one 20). The children will, for example, select fruit from a bowl or tray with tongs (we provide), or spoon out a portion for themselves. If you are making something like celery with cream cheese then that should be already stuffed. We usually make one \'sample\' plate to direct portion sizes. We have napkins and utensils that we will put out as needed.

3. Suggested snacks: strawberries, watermelon, string cheese (cut in thirds) celery, carrots, biscuits or muffins, crackers and cheese, bread, simple sandwiches, hummus, olives, corn and rice (children can spoon from a bowl), pasta salad, fruit salad, chips and mild salsa, etc.. They also love to try new cultural foods (if kid friendly) and items themed toward coming holidays are also fun.

4. Please involve your child in the preparation. Make it lovely, aesthetics are important.

5. Be aware of choking hazards, cherry tomatoes or grapes (cut in half OK), soft bread with peanut butter (can ball up).

6. FOOD ALLERGIES. Please label clearly (note taped to top is fine) if the item contains NUTS PRODUCTS, DAIRY, EGG and/or GLUTEN. These are current allergies a few children have, we are already prepared to provide an alternative snack for them.

7. If possible, please let us know a day or 2 ahead or when you sign up, what you will be bringing so we do not duplicate items that week. This can be via note or email to:

8. Please deliver to the school by 8:20 Wednesday morning.


Again, thank you for participating in your child\'s classroom in this fun way! The children serving themselves snack is an important Practical Life activity full of wonderful lessons in independence, grace and courtesy.