5 Reasons Not To Send Your Child To Summer School

  1. You are excited for the opportunity to entertain and teach your children for the next 90 days, 12 hours a day (non-sleeping hours) a total of 1080 hours and give the teachers a break.
  2. Children need to be home with their parents for 3 months because it is a ‘scientific’ fact that a child’s brain only grows during regular school days September to June.
  3. Kids really need variety going from one fun camp to another, they will adjust to something new each week. Also they will be enjoying the scenery while carpooling across town in an air-conditioned car singing “wheels on the bus” for what seems like the 1000th time.
  4. The family needs time to go on trips to faraway places. Three months is ideal for traveling. The one month (August) that MCDC/LHM are closed just is not enough.
  5. You know that TV or a tablet is an ideal baby sitter for a good portion of the day. Children move around enough during the school year and need some sedentary time. MCDC swimming lessons are nice but does my child really need all that exercise and fresh air?
Summer Camp - MCDC