5 Clues That It Might Not Really Be A Montessori School

Make sure you know the 5 Secrets to Identifying a True Montessori School: Don't Be Fooled!

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

When considering a Montessori school for your young one, you envision a nurturing environment, structured to bring out the very best in your child's natural abilities. With thousands of schools claiming the Montessori tag, how do you ensure you're enrolling your child in a genuine Montessori institution?

1. Membership of Recognized Associations:
Of the 4,000 Montessori schools in the U.S., only 1,100 are members of the American Montessori Society. Being part of such associations offers a seal of authenticity. So, the question stands: Is your shortlisted school a member?

2. History and Origin:
Authentic Montessori schools draw inspiration from Dr. Maria Montessori's founding principles. Established in a Roman neighborhood in 1906, her Casa de Bambini set the foundation for an education that believed in a child's innate goodness and promoted curiosity.

3. Flexibility in Approach:
A true Montessori approach adapts to the unique needs of each child, proving its effectiveness across diverse settings. It should be more than just a tag; it's a philosophy that should shine through in every activity.

4. Check for Trademark Dilution:
Since Dr. Montessori didn't trademark her name or methods, several schools might claim to follow her approach. The trick is to spot the genuine from the diluted. Dig a little deeper and don't just go by the name.

5. Mix of Methods and Philosophy:
Some schools might integrate elements of Montessori methods but tweak parts of it. While adaptation isn't wrong, it's essential to ensure that the core Montessori principles remain intact.

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Marijane Schafer, Executive Director
MCDC Poway – Nurturing Curiosity and Growth