Is My Child Ready to Be Happy and Learn at A Montessori Program?

What is a Montessori Program Three-Year Cycle?

In Montessori education, children typically join a classroom as the youngest members of the Montessori program and remain in the same learning community for at least three years. During this time, they undergo a rhythm of growth and development that is unique to the Montessori program and a key to our success.

When children first enter a Montessori program, it is similar to transplanting a perennial flower: they need time to establish their roots and may not show significant external growth initially. But, this first year in the classroom is when children explore their environment and make sense of their new community and adapt to it.

Children enjoying the Montessori experience in a Montessori program setting  at MCDC, Poway, Ca.

In their second year, children are more settled, and like perennial flowers, they often exhibit more growth and begin to blossom. This is the phase where children experiment and learn in a space where they feel comfortable and secure. This year increases their confidence as they settle further into our Montessori routine.

By their third year, children become the experts in their community. Again, much like perennial flowers, their growth becomes exponential and abundant. They truly blossom and it is a joy to behold!. This final year in the cycle is often the most rewarding of the Montessori program, as children fully realize their potential for all to see.

Evolving Roles in A Montessori Program

Because children in Montessori stay together for several years in accordance with the authentic Montessori program, their learning community becomes a family. As they progress they get the chance to experience being the youngest, middle, and oldest child, each role bringing unique responsibilities and opportunities to aid in their development.

Younger children look up to their older peers, learning quickly through observation about acceptable behavior, social etiquette and the benefits of teamwork. The older children act as mentors, leaders, and even teachers. As they mature and share their knowledge through this mutually beneficial process, children develop, build confidence, and mature as do the children they mentor.

This is the essence of the Montessori program philosophy. The younger children benefit from the guidance and support of their older classmates and the older children benefit by teaching and leading. It really is a beautiful environment for everyone involved..

Consistency of Community Within The Montessori Program

A consistent community over three years allows children to build a strong foundation, establish long-term relationships with peers and adults, and feel secure enough to grow. Montessori teachers, with their training and sensitivity to developmental needs, understand individual learning styles, rhythms, and requirements.

In these short years, a meaningful and supportive partnership develops between students, parents and the Montessori staff. The three-year cycles in Montessori mixed-age classrooms provide children with scaffolding to work collaboratively with skilled teachers and knowledgeable peers. Our children enjoy themselves as they gain knowledge within our fun and vibrant learning community.

Teamwork is taught and camaraderie is learned in the Montessori program.

Experience the Montessori Program Difference

The Montessori three-year cycle provides a unique and enriching educational environment for children to prosper, nurture curiosity, foster independence, while building social and emotional development along the way.. By staying in the same community for three years, children develop a sense of security and confidence that allows them to grow with confidence.

We welcome you to come see the benefits for yourself, to get a first-hand glimpse of this three-year cycle in action. Schedule a private tour of the school today and see for yourself how our authentic Montessori program can help your child grow, learn, and blossom in a supportive and nurturing environment. We are confident that you will be glad you did!