How to put on a coat at a Montessori preschool in poway

Putting on a coat. For most adults, it's a very simple thing to do. However , when you're first starting out with the child. How can we teach them to do something that seems so simple

In our Montessori educational model, there's a very specific way in which kids can really pick up tasks that we do every day very effectively.

We do it in a very specific way. For example, in this video you will observe how the teacher. Is actually very silent while guiding the child through the process of putting on a coat.

The Montessori teacher is modeling the exact process without saying much and then allowing the child to observe how this is done.

Then the child repeats the process themselves.

As you will observe during the lesson, the instructions are done very slowly, very methodically, so the child is able to process the entire procedure of putting on a coat the Montessori way.

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