Montessori Science (Botany, Zoology & Physical)

In the first three years of life children have absorbed a limitless wealth of impressions, taking in all the elements of the world around them. Among these are a multitude of plants and animals – an infinite number of growing things.


It is necessary to provide a mass of information to whet the children’s interest in our very appealing environment provided by the abundance of flora and fauna around them at our school. A few simple keys will suffice to animate their inherent love of the natural world, transforming this love into the need to know and understand it themselves.

Science is presented by giving the child the names and an opportunity for sensorial exploration, organizing though the use of the botany, zoology, geology and physical science.

These materials are stepping stones or “keys” to further their interest. Once a child shows an interest he is encouraged to research and write a report or draw a picture or in his chosen subject.

Learning about Plants

Children learn the shapes of leaves comparing them to the leaves they find outdoors. They also learn names of parts of the leaf, tree and flower. Experiments with plants are a part of the class projects as well as research by individual children.

montessori science plants

Learning about Animals

Many hands on puzzles and other concrete representations of animals help the children become familiar with the names and life cycles of our animal friends.
Animals are part of the Montessori environment. We have representations of mammals (goats and dogs) we also have birds and fish for which the children learn to care and feed.

montessori science animals

Physical Science and Geology with Montessori Science

The possibilities of interest and study are unending in our Montessori classrooms. The children’s interests can be sparked by any event and the teachers guide them to research which can go in many different directions, magnetic, gears, sink and float, the solar system and more. The child’s appetite for knowledge knows no bounds.