Montessori Daily Schedule at MCDC

Montessori Daily Schedule Activities Being Done By MCDC Students

Our Montessori Daily Schedule :

Times vary slightly as we “follow the child”

 7:30-8:00      Montessori daily schedule for extended care.  Children help prepare the environment and begin work time.  Teacher gathers children together to have a story or exercise and go to the deck.

8:00-8:20      Arrivals, children begin to gather for opening ceremonies @ 8:20.

8:20-8:30      Opening daily ceremonies (flag raising, Brain Gym exercises, Grace and Courtesy Lessons and dismissal to classes.

 8:30-11         Work time.  Teachers give lessons, and children do activities on their own as teachers observe and prepare the next lessons.

11-11:15       Group meeting and Music time.  A few children help set up lunch while the rest are having group time.

11:15-11:45  Playground time.  One teacher leads an activity while others supervise the children who do not choose to participate.

11:45-12:30  Children come in wash their hands and have lunch.  Each child is responsible for his/her own food and clean-up of the area.

12:25-12:35  Clean-up and story time.  ½ day dismissal.  Nappers begin napping.

Montessori Daily Schedule For Our Five Day Montessori Classes

12:30-1:00    Non-nappers go outside to play.

12:30-2:10    Nap for children under 4 years old.

 1:00-1:15      Quiet time. Children listen to music or quiet story while they have a short rest time.

1:15-2:20      Work Time. Teachers give advanced lessons; children do extended activities. 8-10  children selected go to the garden to experience nature.

2:25-2:40      Our Montessori Daily Schedule Dismissal Time

2:25-5:00      Child Care Activities and extra classes.

Remember, our Montessori daily schedule may vary based upon holidays or special event.