What Is Being Said About Our Montessori School & Educational Programs?

Lauren T.MCDC Parent

You have struck a wonderful balance with providing great education while also developing the children personally. Jordy has learned so much. He is also well behaved, confident, and truly feels loved by his teachers

Tammy & Stephen N.MCDC Parents

We would like to extend of deepest gratitude and appreciation for the loving and nurturing environment you and Lew have created at MCDC. We are honored and feel very blessed to have been part of the MCDC family these last 4 years. Alex has blossomed academically and socially during his time there due to you and your amazing team of teachers and staff. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to…keep him through his kindergarten year.

Sampreethi & EswarMCDC Parents

It’s hard to cut short the message in a paragraph to describe the benefits we had from M.C.D.C. Role of a teacher/school plays a vital role in the life of a kid; especially during the transition from well pampered and protected home to school; M.C.D.C staff did a marvelous job in that, far above our expectations and made our lives peaceful. His teacher, Vanit, made him feel the parental affection even at school and transformed him to be an independent kid; she deserves all our appreciation. As days go on, we could realize all our dreams come true in our kid’s life style and behavior; this is the perfect place to model a child. We look forward that M.C.D.C continues to maintain their style. Thanks, Sampreethi & Eswar”

Amy and Dean WoodsMCDC Parents

We cannot say enough good things about MCDC and LHM. We found MCDC/LHM after being dissatisfied with another preschool. My daughter has been treated with nothing but love and respect from day 1. The staff is extremely well-trained with this age group and my daughter really enjoys school. Their style fosters cooperation, respect, and self-discipline, extremely important life skills. We are amazed every day with the skills our daughter has acquired. Our only regret is that we wish our older child could have experienced LHM and MCDC when she was a toddler (but we lived out of the area). Dottie’s teachers Ms. Nuccia, Ms. Vanit, Ms. Maureen, and Ms. Rachael are an absolute breath of fresh air. It is very important to us to be a team with the teachers because they have so much to offer, not only to the children, but to the parents. We try to model the environment at home as well. I can’t imagine sending my child anywhere else.

Judith M.MCDC Parent

Just a note to thank you for the love of learning & sense of achievement you have taught my granddaughter.