The Primary 3-6 Year Old Montessori Years

Montessori Child Development Center (MCDC) is a private pre-school and kindergarten. It is an affiliate of the American Montessori Society. The school house is in California addmarch08 038 (533x800)ranch style converted country home and is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Poway California (North San Diego county) on 1-1/4 acres of land. The children enjoy both the sunlight and the view of the Poway country atmosphere. The Montessori curriculum provides areas for practical life, art, reading, math, science, manipulative tools and plenty of space for children to independently explore their world.

Our school is a traditional Montessori school and  offers only 5 days per week. The child of this age thrives on consistency and routine. So, attending school for five consecutive days is invaluable to every child. When they attend regularly, the environment becomes more predictable and they have a much easier time continuing along the progression of materials at their own pace. There is more time for receiving new lessons and less time in between receiving those lessons, so there is more time for practicing and mastering them. These children are getting the full benefit of one of the cornerstones of an authentic Montessori experience.

This is a peaceful environment for indoor and outdoor education. There is also an expansive grassy lawn dotted with fruit trees, the children’s flower, herb and vegetable gardens and an enclosed farm yard with roosters, hens, and goats. The playground offers many recreational activities, including a large sand box and a tree-house style play structure with two slides. Scattered about the yard are large shade trees for the children to play under. An onsite nature walk is available to students for environmental studies.

Children are free to move where their interests and abilities take them, promoting purposeful and independent work, and encouraging the development of their own sense of pace and rhythm.

Teachers offer guidance, character development and support, initiating activities and responding to the children’s individual interests. The daily schedule also includes collective gatherings for discussions, music, stories, games, celebrations, group lessons and guest visits.

Our extended program, 1:15-2:15 for 4 year olds through kindergarten students includes more advanced work, special projects and daily formal lessons in preparation for first grade.

MCDC Poway-Primary Schedule

All students attend 5 days per week, Monday through Friday.

Our school is open from 7:30 am- 6:00pm. Class begins at 8:20 am with opening ceremonies and Brain Gym exercises.
Full day program ends at 2:30 pm and half day ends at 12:30 pm and both schedules are five days a week. Most of the class time is spent in individual and small-group work. This uninterrupted period allows the individual and the class to develop a work cycle.