Montessori Math Lessons

Perhaps, of all the Montessori apparatus, the Math Materials are the most glamorous. They are beautiful, showy, and their simplicity supremely intelligent. They give the child a sensorial experience of the abstraction that is mathematics, allowing them to store concepts so that when the time comes to deal exclusively in abstract terms, the understanding is already there.

 Number-Rods-Montessori NUMBER RODS This material introduces the child to the fixed quantity 1-10 and the corresponding number names.


 Sandpaper-Numbers SANDPAPER NUMBERS The child learns to trace the numerals and say their corresponding name 0-9. This is a preparation for counting, as well as writing.


 Spindle-Box SPINDLE BOX Working with the spindle box helps the child to recognize loose quantities associated with their corresponding numerals 0-9. The child counts the spindles into his hand and feels the growth of the quantity as the numbers get larger.


 Numerals-And-Counters NUMERALS AND COUNTERS Once a child has mastered the spindle boxes they begin to use this material for counting. The child also is introduced to the concept of odd and even with this material


 Unit-Cube INTRODUCTION Introducing the concept of one unit, one ten, one hundred and one thousand.


 Nine-Tray NINE TRAY Introducing the concept of 9 units, 9 tens, 9 hundreds and 1000.


 Numerals NUMERALS Corresponding numerals are learned then matched to the bead quantities.


These materials are used for various games and mathematical operations in groups and individual activities. This is a favorite work of the 4.5 to 5 year old children. This is an introduction to the hierarchy of numbers, units, tens, hundreds, thousands. Children love the largeness of this work.


 Teen-And-Ten-Boards TEEN AND TEN BOARDS


 Hundred-Board HUNDRED BOARD


 Square-and-cube-chains SQUARE AND CUBE CHAINS     (SKIP COUNTING)


 100-and-100-chains 100 AND 1000 CHAINS

MATHMATICAL OPERATIONS ( +, -, x, ÷)                 

 small-number-rods Small Number Rods for addition and subtraction.


 stamp-game Stamp Game - A wooden compartment boxes containing colored numbered tiles with 1, 10, 100, 1000 printed on it. It comes along with 3 green, blue and red skittles.

For further advance mathematical operations with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

 small-bead-frame Small Bead Frame - A wooden self-standing frame with four rows of color-coded beads for the decimal system exercises.


 subtraction-strip-board Subtraction Strip Board - A subtraction board with a wooden box of 2 sets of acrylic number strips. It also comes with a blank strip. Provides exercises in subtraction.


 mltiplication-charts-number-tiles Multiplication Charts & number Tiles - Multiplication charts comes with a set of tables, chart A (answers on the chart) and Chart B (blank chart) to work with answer tiles that comes in a box. To provide the child more practice with multiplication and to help memorize the multiplication tables.