How to help our fundraising efforts to support your child’s education…

Thank you for supporting our school's fundraising efforts. The purpose of this page is to share ways in which you can help our school, and in turn, help your children's education.

Below you'll find instructions on how you can help. We promise to make this as simple as possible for you.

Refer A Friend

Please use the link above to refer a friend that has asked to have more information sent to them about our MCDC program.  Once you complete this information we will be contacting them, thus, please ensure they want to receive our information and would like for us to contact them.  If they just want more general information you can always send them to our home page  Thank you for helping us to be of service to our future generations.

Donate Securely Via Paypal

Some parents have simply asked if they could make a donation to the school. To make this process as simple and secure as possible, you can now make a donation via the trusted services of Paypal. Simply click on the link above or visit

Contribute By Doing Your Own Shopping?

Some parents have opted to switch some of their online shopping to safer, more eco-friendly and higher quality items.  By shopping each month through this online shopping portal, MCDC will receive part of the proceeds for as long as shopping continues.  Thus, you can keep doing what you're already doing and when the school wins, your child wins.

To learn more about this, please complete the form below and one of our parents (Leo Ramos) will help you learn more about this form of fundraising"

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